5 Types of Single People

helloo everyone!
what's up? everything's cool?
I'm very happy about it.
Well today's post will be about five very different types of people who are single. Great huh? No? Okay, I get it.
Let's get started!
The first one is the "Isolated Single Person". This is a person who just got out from a really terrible and awful relationship and because of that, this person has given up on love completely. They just want, you know, celebrate the positives single life provides to them, they're always super-confident and independent. 
Let me inform you that...they have a huge-huge-huge breakup-song playlist on their IPhone or whatever, that tells them they're just great by themselves...
Tell meh bout it...?

Secondly we have the "Really Lame Sappy Single". These people can't just stand being alone. Everyone knows about them being single. They are like so confused and always like 'why am I a single person? Why my best friend has a boyfriend? Why can't I find a date?' ...and blah blah blah...the list goes on.
They are still so in love with all of their exes. Not the last one, but ALL of them. Lame huh?

Also there is the "Flinger" or the "Flamingo" as I call him. This person literally jumps from one relationship to another relationship. They are not alone, like ever. I just cannot believe how so many people do that. It's weird. How can a line of people wait for you to date them like there is no one else here?

Next up is "The Workaholic". These people are literally in love with their work. I don't think this is healthy. Come on. You need a personal life! Wake up my friend! They are married to their dreams and ambitions, and guess what? No one can interfere with their work. 

Last but not least we have the "Happy Single Person" . Personally I don't really know anyone who belongs to that type of single people. But that doesn't mean they aren't real. They are happy and normal. They enjoy their lives and aren't being obsessed with relationships.

So this was my post. Really hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Comment below and join us.

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