Get back up

Hey!For today's post I decided to write about something kind of serious.And usually I write about funny things but this is not going to be that funny and maybe if you want to laugh you can come back next week.
So I wanna ask you a question.Are you sad right now?Have you ever felt pathetic and stupid about things you've done.Well lemme tell you a secret.This world does not care.There are more than 7 billion people in this world and yes you are one of them.But only ONE of them.
One in 7 billion and the other 7 billion don't know you and they don't care about you or what you are going through.So even if today you feel like shit guess what!Tomorrow the sun will come out again and all the other people from all over the world are going to either go to work or school or whatever,they will do their usual thing like everyday.And why am I saying this?I am just trying to let you know that yourself is the only person that can help you go through a rough situation.I mean even if you have amazing friends and family with you to help you no one can make you REALLY feel okay about something other than yourself.
So please,if you are going through a rough situation get up and stand up for yourself.Again you are the only one that can really save you.And you know what,don't try to become happy or achieve amazing things JUST to prove people wrong.But remember the feelings you were feeling when these people made your life a living hell.And prove these feelings wrong.Prove humilliation and sadness that they got nothing on you right now because you chose happiness over sadness and you did that because you let yourself get back up and you stood up on your feet and stood up for yourself.And I hope you realise that also it is not your mistake that you were born they way you were born.It is not your mistake that you were born creative or really smart.And I also hope you liked this post too because I think it is kind of all over the place.But hey.At least it is something serious and maybe it can help people.Remember that always the way you are feeling right now is going to change.And you are gonna be alright again.



  1. Ahhh lovethis post! Totally agree, there's nothing more powerful than ourselves to make us feel good about literally anything!