Fall expectations vs reality

Hey everybody!So it is basically winter...in like three days.And that means that fall is over and that made me realise all the things I expect to happen and they actually never happen...And I am going to write a post about all the expectations that never come true
1.Black Friday shopping:omg I love black Friday shopping.Problem is that there is something about me that never lets me wake up early enough to go black Friday shopping.And when eventually my body wakes me up I am already so late and every cute stuff is gone from the stores.
2.The PSL:uhmm no...just no!Too sweet and...tasteless?And it is also so hard to find it when you are not in Starbucks.And then you have to pretend that you like the pumpkin spice latte so your friends don't think you are weird
3.Tumblr:Now allow me please to say that I love tumblr.Yes please give me dat tumblr!BUT!All the tumblr people who take all the cute pictures with your perfect outfits.You make me wanna wear tumblr clothes too but I can't pull them of.I am short and 15 years old so basically I can't go to school wearing knee high socks and a cute skirt and a cropped sweater...
And yeah that is all I have for you people today!Yay!and byeee

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