DIY:Christmas Inspired Necklaces!

how are ya guys?
Well, guess what......!
Christmas is coming! I'm so excited about it and for this reason I decided to use today's post in order to show you how to make your own holidays inspired necklaces. I had so many different ideas for you and it was somehow difficult for me to choose.
But here we are:

1. Simple Wing-Pendant Necklace

Well, as you can clearly see, I decided to use a wing pendant, but this is really your own choice. You can use whatever you like. The string I used for this necklace is about 31.4 inches (80 cm), because I really wanted to make it long. 
You need to use you flat nose-pliers . They'll assist you in opening the jump rings and secure the lobster clasp and the pendant. In order to secure the silver clasp on the rope you will need 2mm connectors flat rope/wire crimps and then you're ready.

2.) My Triangle-shaped decorated Necklace

This one is one of my favorites. Firstly you have to use the 'super glue' in order to glue the crimp ends and the lobster clasp. Then you can start decorating your necklace. You can use a lot of things, like beads etc. I used these lovely little triangle shaped golden beads to make it look more Christmas-like I guess.
And you're done! Easy huh?

This was my post. Please let me know if ya liked it, and which one is your fav. For more designs please JOIN US and COMMENT below. 
lots of love

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