5 Things I love about Fall

how're you?
Guess what guys...Fall is nearly over. I mean this is our last week to enjoy fall. Winter is almost here! So I decided to use today's post in order to tell you guys five reasons why I literally love this season of the year. Cool huh? ( no? that's ok.)
Here we are....

1.) The colors are so beautiful. Come on guys, just think about it for a minute. The trees look really unique and pretty. The ground is positively gleaming and everything gets more atmospheric. What ya think? And the best of all? There are leaves to kick and jump into! Or is it just me? You don't like that? OMG. Maybe I'm just being childish, like most of the time but.....let's move on..

2.) Drinking hot chocolate! Heyyy everyone enjoys a hot cup of chocolate to warm them up on a really cold autumn day. And preferably with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate dusting powder! I totally love it!

3.) Comfy Oversized clothes and Footwear. Yes, it's time to put away our sandals and slip our feet into something more like comfortable.(UGGS-love them). You can have a lazy day at home, watching a scary movie, drinking a cup of chocolate and wearing your oversized sweater to keep you warm. Come on. Who doesn't like that?

4.) We have plenty of rain! (the best weather ever remember?) 
Rain=Wet leaves=delayed trains=um, probably more time for you to enjoy your magazine or book? 
Also rain is probably an excuse for you to stay in, climb under the duvet and relax.

5.) Last but not least we have: Halloween. It's like one of my fav events. You can head over to a halloween party, wearing one of the best costumes ever and have a great time. Also you're able to taste a lot of candies, who doesn't enjoy that? And you have to decorate your own pumpkin and scare them all. What you say; trick or treat? You like halloween too? 

This was my post guys. Tell me if you liked it. Do you like fall as I do? Please comment below and let me know.
Don't forget to join us!

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