Types of people on halloween

Hey guys! Today's post will be about the different types of people on halloween. Cool huh? Don't think so?
Here we are:

1.The IDC:This person just does not care about their costume and all the halloween fun stuff.They don't even care about the free candy at every party they go. I mean, who the hell does that? Anyways some people try to be a part of the whole thing but unfortunately they can't do that, because they don't enjoy it. It's like something  foreign or even strange to them. Many of them are like "why am I supposed to pretend something or someone that probably does not even exist?"

2.The Halloween Spirit Person: This could describe the person that loves and waits for Halloween to start. They try to design their costumes, decorate the whole house, prepare the treats and all. They really enjoy the holiday and some of them even throw a huge party at their backyard.
Isn't that amazing? Of course it is. I mean, come on, who doesn't like the fun stuff Halloween has?

3.The OWST: This ~obsessedwithscarythings~ person really likes to scare everyone else. They usually try to prank the others with the use of various objects, especially the children. They even buy different furniture or paint the walls in order to make them look scary. Weird huh?

4.Last but not least we have the Lame One: This person doesn't care about scaring anyone, they just try to dress well, and enjoy themselves. They maybe dress up like a fairy or even a princess in order to look quite fabulous. Well, I guess that's not the point. Halloween is about scary things I think, right? 

So that was my post. Stupid isin't it? Well I really hope you like it. Please comment below and join us! Have fun! Happy Halloween Everyone!! Enjoyyyyy

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