Types of people at the MALL!

Heyyy guys! What'sup?
So I'm going to talk about the different types of people you meet at the mall.
 Well you know it's pretty obvious there are many categories, but I'm gonna tell you probably the most important of them. Here we go:

1.) The Teenage Brains. This category includes the teenagers who decide to go to the mall just to hang out. So basically they don't want to buy anything or boost the local economy.
 I'm a rebel,  nobody can control me. I'm a teen. This is how my brain works. Now, what am I supposed to do?
Apparently that's what cool people do, GO TO THE MALL.

2.) Kiosk Stupidity: Well, obviously these people are stressing us out. You're like walking in the mall, having fun, enjoying your personal space and then, all of a sudden you see these kiosks. You immediately start to panic. 
It's like you really want to ignore them but can't do that. You know what? I'm polite. I wouldn't like to ignore a human being but I can't help it duh.
I really hate those kiosks. 
 Last time I went to the mall I had my curly hair, and I walked past  those hair straightening kiosks, i got hounded by them offering to straighten my hair and i was like noooo! I love my curly hair go away!!

3.)  The Over-Achieving Sales Associates: This is an important issue GUYS!. You walk into a store and then instinctively the shop assistant starts to inform you about ALL the promotions.!
I'm like 'duh, let me take a breath,  why am I receiving so many details right now.? Am I going to remember all of this? Let me decide what I want.!'
Well, it's pretty awkward because I have to pretend that I pay attention to her while in my brain I'm like ' please, please be over!'. 

4.) Last but not least we have: The Old Friend. We go to the mall and in a distance I spot an old friend. Then I'm like: ' Hey is this Luke? I do remember him. We were together at the elementary school. Such a lovely guy. I used to have a tiny crush on him. Let's walk near him'
 We decide to walk past him and all of a sudden I pull out my cell phone and hope he doesn't notice me.... Because you know.....I'm shy?

So this was my  post. I really hope you like it. Don't forget to Join us and Comment below about your experiences at the mall. Next Post will be out on Thursday. Stay tuned! Follow us on twitter.
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