Heyy!This week I decided that I am going to write about something that I really like and maybe I can give you people information about something that actually can make your life a LOT easier.So this month I've been really into tumblr and pinterest and all that good stuff which means that I have seen a lot of pinteresty and tumblr outfits.And that made me wonder where all the tumblr girls buy their cute clothes.Last week I was watching a youtube video and a girl talked about this app call The Hunt and I was like "I got nothing to lose" so I checked it out.And oh boy I was wrong-I was SO wrong.Let me just tell you guys this app/website slays my life.Everything that I could ever imagine and want was on that website.Every single thing!Basically the hunt is like a community it is like a big cool family.People post pictures of things that they want to buy and then other people give them the website or the name of the store that they can buy the things they want.It is amazing,it is the best idea ever.I personally always find myself going through people's "hunts" when I need inspiration for an outfit or something like that.This can really help you guys out if you are trying to figure out what to wear or if you wanna change your wardrobe a bit because there is also another option where you can ask people to style you.And then you will have the best clothes in this whole entire world and people in school will ask you how do you dress up so tumblry all the time and where you do you get your clothes from and then you can be all like "Gurl, make yourself a favor and go check it out"

So that was my post for this week and I hope you like it.Also if you have any ideas for any of my future posts or something that you would like to see you can leave 'em in the comments below because i would love to see them.And bye 

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