Stupidest School Advice EVER

Hiiiiii.So earlier this week my friend posted a post about bullying and I thought that I would also do a school inspired post.First post idea that came to my mind was "School advice" and then it hit me;I am the WORST at giving advice and I should not ruin your school life!But still,I am gonna give you my tips that actually made me survive high school.

1.First of all,you don't need to buy any more school supplies.No,you don't need that $10 dollar pen because to be honest,you are still gonna fail your math test the exact same way you are gonna fail just by using a $1 pen.

2.Also,having no boyfriend/girlfriend is normal and sometimes it is better because in 5 years from now you are gonna look back at your school pics and you are going to notice 2 things:a ton of duckface and your exes and you are going to be like "Girl,why was I dating that and what is up with my lips?"(and it aint gonna be a lip infection)

3.Next thing,whatever you do,do NOT spread rumors.Because if you do people will start spreading rumors about you and next thing you are gonna experience is you getting beat up in a school corner.

4.Let's just say that someone comes up to you and starts making fun of you,you can just laugh at them.To be honest,you will get them back in a couple of years when you are their boss.

So,that is all I have for you guys today.Just remember to always focus on things that you like and do your thing and be yourself 'cause that is what people are gonna love.And yeah,if you want me to do more posts like this one then don't forget to comment down below and byeee.



  1. I never spread rumours, but that doesn't keep other people from spreading rumours about me :)
    But other from that a very funny post, enjoyed it :) Newest follower ^-^
    Keep in touch

    It would mean a lot to me if you visited my blog <3

    Berry The Blue

    1. Your GFC follow button seems not to work, please take a look at it :( And let me know if you fixed it so I can follow you :)

    2. Helloooo!Your blog is totally amazing girl!By the way,our GFC button is now fixed so you are more than welcomed to follow us!I just followed your blog.
      Oh and about the rumors just let karma screw these people!I bet you are a million times better than them(plus you have an awesome blog and they don't)

      Would love to here more from you
      xoxo,the lifer blog!

  2. OMGGG!The duck face doo!Hilarious stuff.Slayin'

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