Stupid things in scary movies

Hello.How are you all?I have a new post and it is about stupid things in scary movies that are kind of annoying because they are not terryfing at all.But hey,every director puts them in scary movies.

1.The kool-aid shower:OMG the stupidest scene ever.But still directors put it in every single scary movie.Like why do you even do that?This is the part when a person is taking a shower and suddenly the water turns into blood.I've never found this scene scary.I mean how can a killer turn my city's water into blood.They probably just putted red kool-aid in the shower head.

2.The mirror horror:So this is when a person(most likely the victim)is standing in front of the mirror and suddenly something "scary" happens.A hand appearing behind them trying to grab them or a creepy doll's face flashing behind them.And you know it is always either an illusion or a dream.Like lemme scare the shit out of you for a second and then make you realise that I scared you for nothing.

3.Scary music:In a scary movie it is kind of "normal" to have scary music playing in the background in scenes that are really scary.But here is the thing that I don't get;why the heck do you need to have scary music playing in parts that are not even scary.I mean,the poor victim may be cooking some oatmeal for breakfast and you my friend put scary music playing while they are doing that.And in the end nothing happens.Like,this person is trying to cook something healthy and you are trying to scare me.You should be ashamed.

4.Nose bleeding:Again what the heck?Why do you make someone's nose bleed out of the blue.It is not scary.I think that directors sometimes come to a dead end and they do not know what to do to kind of make people think that this is actually a scary movie so they make someone's nose bleed.Lame.How can your nose start bleeding without you having a medical condition and have been punched in the face earlier?

So that was it.4 stupid things in scary movies that are not even scary.Okay,if you liked that(probably you didn't)you can comment and join us if you want to...Byeee



  1. I agree with you on those haha xx

    1. totally girl!By the way nice blog :)