My 'Transparents' | Tumblr Inspired

Hellooo guys!
How's everything going so far?

Well I'm pretty sure all of you know 'tumblr'. Am I right? 
While I was scrolling down my screen, I came across a few transparents.
I decided that I could experiment a little bit and design some of my own.I really love drawing, so I thought; why not?

After a lot of research, I found myself intrigued by plenty of different pictures. They were all so amazing. 
I tried to draw many of them, so I have now apparently about five transparents.

Have a look;

(I literally love ice cream.)

(This is my 'dreamcatcher' transparent)


(Arizona Tea- you should really try it! It tastes awesome. Love it!)

(Last but not least I have my Starbucks Coffee!)

Well guys, let me know if you like them and if ya do, then, which one is your fav? Mine I guess is dreamcatcher. I find it kinda cute.

So see you soon.! Please Comment below! Don't forget to join us too!
Stay tuned for our next post on Thursday!
Lots of Love,


  1. These are so cute! I think the Starbucks cup is my fave :)